Ryszard Szydło (rsimages)

Hello and welcome!!

Inspired by the smell of chemicals used for developing and printing coming from a cobbled together darkroom in the bathroom of my family home, my brother managed to instil in me the thrill of image capture. I have been taking photographs for 25 years, a chronicle of the lives and tribulations of my friends and family, but also of my varied interests and travels. As a research scientist I am used to analysis, interpretation and examining problems from obtuse angles. Applying these skills to photography gives me an opportunity to perhaps eye things slightly differently. Photographs are a historical record of a moment in time viewed by the photographer. You and I may well look at the same scene, but I doubt we see the same thing. I guess that’s one of the pleasures in showing one’s work, the element of surprise.

Having been lucky enough to have works chosen for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London in 2004 and 2005, I've had a number of solo exhibitions : 'The mysticism of places without people', 'The Tree', 'The mysticism of nature', 'Art at Work'. In 2009 'Signs of Ethiopia' toured Poland, and was shown in Borough, London in April 2010 (see gallery below).

In April 2010 an exhbition of B+W infra-red images was shown at the Riverside Studios in London (see gallery below)..... 20 pictures were sold enabling £283 to be donated to my local Hammersmith-Hospital based charity LEUKA ....http://www.leuka.org.uk/. This exhibition was seen again in Paris at the Palais de Congres in April 2011.

Any comments or questions please send an email to rsimages@tiscali.co.uk